Rebel Traders 96: Black Swan or a Blue Ostrich?

What exactly is a Black Swan event and what exactly ISN’T a Black Swan even and how can you avoid and handle them?

One of the biggest problems for retail traders is the ability to get paid consistently from their trading. It’s the inability to turn trading knowledge and experience into predictable revenue that is one of the leading causes of traders failing.

So, in this week’s podcast, Sean and Phil show you how to actually get paid from your trades and how to turn the business of trading into a profitable, predictable and rewarding enterprise.

3 Key Takeaways From This Show

  • Plan to be in business next week with only part of your capital working in the markets
  • You can’t predict Black Swan events - So don’t stress about them
  • Remember, attention and advertising revenue is the primary goal of punditry not your portfolio

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