We have a wide range of courses in development and available now. Please see below for more information on how to access these programs

Rebel Crypto Trader

Based on the 23+ year trend trading strategy. The Rebel Crypto Method is our proven stock market strategies applied to the Crypto space. This training method shows students how to find new trends before they emerge. Including how to find, filter and trade consistently and successfully. The program is a combination of live training, community engagement, tools and support specifically geared to assist new and experienced traders to create consistent returns in only a few minutes of execution a day.

Rebel Trader (Invitation Only)

Our premier stock market and options training program for new and experienced traders. This invitation-only program allows you access to our trading vault, our proprietary and private strategies that have created huge portfolios and accounts over the last 23 years of trend trading. This program opens the doors to our production-line trading process that has helped students all over the world get consistent and predictable returns from the markets without the risk and stress of being glued to the screens. 

MicroCap Mastery (Beta Access)

The newest addition to our stable of products is currently in beta testing with a select group of students. These students are unlocking the strategies to find new coins before they become popular on launch and between detailed analysis and traditional technical analysis strategies, students are able to find, filter, and trade these new coins on demand. 



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