Rebel Traders 90: 10 years a bull market, or is it?

Last weekend marked the official 10 year anniversary of this bull market according to the media. However, is that strictly true?

Since the crash of 2008-09 we've been in a raging bull market and there has been a wealth of opportunity (literally and figuratively). We've been overdue for a correction according to historical numbers but is this really a 10 year bull run or an evolution of the markets as a whole?

In this weeks show, Sean and Phil pull it all apart and break down what is happening to these markets, what has happened and what the future may well hold based on the new potential normal.

3 Key Takeaways From This Show

  • Look at the numbers not the talking heads
  • Awareness is key - Know the environment you are in
  • Your portfolio is all that matters not the opinions of others who have no vested interest in your trading success

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