Rebel Traders 186 : I Heart Trading

Roses are red, violets are blue, if you trade without stops, then more fool you...

With valentines day approaching we're taking a wry look at the markets that can either jilt you or make you smile from ear to ear and seeing what it takes to EXIT a trade the smart way.

One thing we constantly shout from the rooftops is that we don't care what your "Position" says, you haven't made a dime until the position is closed and the cash is in your account. We'll give you some strategies in this weeks podcast to make sure those exists are more profitable and your risks are mitigated accordingly...

Take Aways

  • A profit is not realized until the position is closed
  • We focus on 3 Exits... Time out, Target out and Exit out
  • Don't be afraid to close a trade early if it warrants it

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