Rebel Traders 185 : Boing When They Go Bong…

Boing When They Go Bong...

After the tumultuous week of Diamond Hands, Stonks and RobinHood being accused of acting like the Sheriff of Nottingham, the Rebel Traders ripped off the band-aid and what they said, as it all started last Wednesday, came to pass... The music stopped and unwary traders were left holding a rather smelly parcel.

So, while many retail traders were getting their hot stock tips from meme-lords of Reddit, Sean and Phil were picking their targets elsewhere in a more profitable and lucrative sector as they followed the white rabbit even further.

Take Aways

  • Pump and dumps, avoid them unless you know EXACTLY what you are doing
  • Don't be afraid to investigate opportunities
  • Make sure you are in the Rebel Traders Facebook Group (Listen to the Podcast to hear why!)

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