Rebel Traders 184 : You’ve Got Mail

Hey Rebel Trader - You've Got Mail...

In this weeks show we tackle what happened with Gamestop, AMC and a few others that have hit the headlines with some crazy "Activist" trades that have shut down brokerages, may cause SEC investigations. We also tell you how to trade it (Hint, not what you expect!)

On top of that, we tackle a wide range of questions we've been asked (and repeatedly) to create a wee bit of myth busting, reaffirming some of our methods and mindset and why Rebel Trading is the way to go for smarter more consistent trading...

Take Aways

  • Don't try and catch falling knives or stand in front of freight trains
  • Overhyped plays like GME and AMC can be played but it takes experience and there are better trades that actually get filled out there
  • If it's not in your usual field of view, allocate only a Find, Filter, Sort, Trade... Keep it simple, consistent and profitable

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