Rebel Traders 180 : Merry Stonk’mass – Go Stonks!

End of the year and counting coins...

We're diving into sherry, wrapping the pressies and sneaking a few more candy-canes from the tree (don't tell anyone!) So, in this week's show we're rounding out 2020 with a look back on our trades, finding some last minute quick-hits and reviewing portfolios to check performance.

Not only that, we're finding, filtering and generating our universe of stocks as well as breaking down the process we use to find the stocks that are actually worth trading! we also go over how we eliminate 99% of them that are just not worth our time or attention.

Take Aways

  • Balance out your delta
  • Be aware of portfolio settling for end of year institutional money
  • Enjoy Christmas, New Year, disengage and chill the hell out

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