Rebel Traders 174 : The Magnificent Month That Was Monday

Strap in for a Booming November - Get Ready - Get Ready - Aaaaaand We’re Done!

Well, with contested elections and a sudden announcement of a vaccine for Covid-19 that is 90% effective in trials, the markets are going a little bit bats&%t crazy. As always, there are opportunities everywhere and the Rebel Traders highlight those opportunities for the future and even some sniper shots for quick profits.

They break down what’s happening, why and how to cash in when the markets crash upwards (Yes, we cringed when we said that!) and November is providing a lot of interesting options for Rebel Traders.

Take Aways

  • Look for the ripples when there are BIG moves
  • Novembers are traditionally bullish
  • Election stability is great for growth stocks

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