Rebel Traders 173 : Sesame Street Elections

1 Vote, 2 Votes, 3 Votes, Ahh-hhahhahhaaaaa

Well, give that guy a damned Redbull and keep him counting? That was the reaction one-day after the election and Sean was in full ranty-pants mode. So much so that Phil and Sean decided to scrap the first version of the podcast and re-record after Sean took a Xanax and had a good lie down.

So, with the election in contention as Sean and Phil predicted months ago, the markets are doing what they want to do regardless. With a Status Quo looking like it’s in order it’s hard to take politics out of this weeks market overview - So, they go full hog and rip apart the implications for all the scenarios and how it effects the markets moving forward and the opportunities presented.

Take Aways

  • The markets move regardless and like political stability
  • Trade sets up, trade goes on - ALWAYS
  • Status Quo = market stability and that’s great for growth stocks

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