Rebel Traders 171 : The Woman in the Red Dress

What if I told you that the world you knew didn’t exist. That this was all an illusion?

With less than two weeks until the election the markets are twitching, volatility is growing and Wall Street is clenching their cheeks real hard as we get closer to ZERO hour (Or week, month or what ever it turns out to be!)

As the Rebel Traders pull apart what’s going on, and explain the differences in expressing trade sentiment, you have to ask… Were you listening to me, Neo? Or were you looking at the Woman in the Red Dress?

Take Aways

  • Be clear on your expression of a trade
  • Premium plays are VALID in this current environment
  • Taking chips off the table ahead of market / election volatility is a smart play unless you are 100% confident in your trade

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