Rebel Traders 170 : When I Nod My Head…

This here is the stock market and it’s sole purpose in life is to give you a swift kick in the metaphoricals.

In this weeks Rebel Trader podcast, Sean and Phil are counting down the days until the US elections are over with just under 3 weeks to go and the markets not giving a damn. With a lack of volatility, the markets climbing higher, the Rebel Traders are finding prime trades to target.

They also walk through the different styles and strategies they are using and why and when they change things up, how you can and should change things up based on your experience when the opportunity presents itself.

12 Trading Rules To Live By

  • Experience allows you to test different strategies efficiently without gambling
  • Test with demo accounts - scratch the strategy itch when needed
  • Trade Small, Trade Frequently, Trade with a bloody plan

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