Rebel Traders 169 : Stock Market Thunder Dome

never bring a knife to a gun fight… Unless you can quickly send a scathing tweet!

While the trading world is ready to pivot on a dime and jump like their ass is on fire at the slightest twitch in the markets, its amazing what a single tweet can do. It’s full on mad-dash panic, the media whips up another storm and then the following day - Nadda, zilch, zip…

So, knee jerk reactions can be a rich target environment for the trading sniper or a blip in the ocean that should be ignored. So, Sean and Phil break it all down to show you how to zig when everyone else zags and how to position yourself for profit when everyone else is running around in circles with their hair on fire…

12 Trading Rules To Live By

  • Be aware, be vigilant but don’t flinch when the news tells you to
  • The news is OFTEN the reason to get out of a trade
  • If you are trading around tweets, don’t expect consistent results

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