Rebel Traders 167 : The Dirty Dozen

It's judgment day, sinners! Come out, come out wherever you are!

The Rebel Traders love their classic movies and inspired by the cult classic ’The Dirty Dozen”, Sean and Phil created a series of 12 trading rules to live by. Not only that, they are breaking the rules, riding the squirrels and following Alice down a few rabbit holes.

They also dive into what’s ticking on the Rebel Trader Radar with the current markets, some trading opportunities and updates on trades they have been calling out and have positions on right now… Strap in, trade on and let’s rock.

12 Trading Rules To Live By

  • Trade sets up trade goes on
  • Don’t bet the farm - Trade small
  • Don’t cherry pick - Trade frequently
  • Time compression - don’t spend all day zombie trading
  • BTFD
  • Trade to suit your personality AND lifestyle
  • Specificity - rules and research - less vague - more precision
  • Trade the plan.
  • Keep idle fingers busy.
  • Always be learning
  • Have fun
  • Move more and eat well

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