Rebel Traders 164 : By the Power of Grey Skull

This podcast is brought to you by the letter F.E.D. and the number INFINITY (and Beyond)

With Apple and Tesla hitting large gains and cash taking after stock splits along with rumors of a 10-1 Amazon stock split, the markets are loving it like a Big Mac. Sean and Phil break down whats happening, some interesting wins, some strategies that are navigating these turbulent waters and refinement processes to mitigate some negative trades.

They also break down indicator plays as well as some rookie mistakes many traders make, how to really use indicators in a smarter way, with methods you will not find in the text-books. The show is a little backwards this week as they are chasing a few errant squirrels up a few different trees and taking their whimsical look at the markets with their usual tongue-in-cheek manner...

3 Key Takeaways From This Show

  • Indicators as just that - Indicators, not signal generators
  • Indicators are a great filter for a large number of stocks
  • Give yourself a decent timeframe for sample sets

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