Rebel Traders 159 : Farming Vs Fishing

Grab your tackle, and a shovel… Its time to go harvest one way or another...

To say that the markets are going through interesting times is an understatement. But, are the markets helpful to your trading style or are they hindering it? In this weeks Rebel Traders podcast, Sean and Phil tear apart two styles of trading that work very well in different environments and how to actually pivot or trade through.

They also pull apart the Kodak monster move in real-time as it happened and go over how Sean got out of the way of that institutional freight train FAST.

3 Key Takeaways From This Show

  • Trade where you have time and resources
  • Sewing the seeds or fish in a barrel, can you pivot or pace yourself?
  • Unicorn trades come up every now and then but its a heart attack sport

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