Rebel Traders 151 : Too Fast Too Furious 2020 – ft. the FED

Is the Fed doing too much too fast? With the printing presses churning what does it mean for the economy, the markets and the future?

In this week’s show, Sean and Phil looked into the craziness with the current situation,
the riots, the fires, the looting, the controversy, the social unrest and why it’s
not actually affecting the markets yet.

Given how 2020 has gone so far, they’ve kept their fingers on the pulse and their eye on the different aspects of the markets, some have been bearish, bullish or even neutral. However, the Fed is still cranking out cash and popping zeros on balances, flooding the markets to prop them up. What are the ramifications? That’s what we covered.

3 Key Takeaways From This Show

  • Trade sets up, trade goes on
  • Always be prepared to change your mind with new data
  • Trust your gut but trust the data more

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