Rebel Traders 133 : Flop ‘n Drop Part One

Did you see that squirrel? No? Well, Sean and Phil did and they're going to chase the wee bugger down...

Do you know when the markets will flop n drop? Well, with the turbulence in the markets there is a range of interesting opportunities and in this week's show, Sean and Phil go off the rails and WAY off-script as they dive into some golden opportunities they spotted LIVE.

So, with the show notes out of the window, they rip through some great trades they found live and pre-market and share what's tickling the Rebel Trader radar.

3 Key Takeaways From This Show

  • Implied Volatility Contractions around earnings are great opportunities for a quick return
  • Define your risk, when you can, to protect your base
  • Trading naked is fine (Just don't let anyone see you do it!)

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