Rebel Traders 122 : Ding Ding – Round 2. I Quit!

Never let a trading speed bump slow you down. There are opportunities everywhere.

In this week’s show, Phil has returned with his inflatable Pink-Flamingo (Seriously!) - And Sean and Phil are back in the saddle with their wry look at the markets.

This week they are looking at the contractions of the main markets and how this could be the start of something interesting to keep an eye on. Not only that, they look at how to course correct yourself when you start having doubts and how you can get back on track...

3 Key Takeaways From This Show

  • Trade small, trade often, trade with a plan
  • It’s not you… it’s me.. actually no, wait it is you…
  • Speed bumps are fine, just don’t let them STOP you from moving forward

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