Rebel Traders 109 : Tis But a Scratch…

It’s not a trend line, it’s a very naughty indicator…

This weekly comedy themed show is brought to you by the letters W, T and F as Sean and Phil take a slightly warped look at some lessons that can be learned from Monty Python and despite the antics and shenanigans, there are some pretty important lessons for smart traders.

So, strap in, and look on the bright side of life as we take a run across the plains of sanity and see how you can grow your trading experience with a few strange insights and there may be a ex-parrots or two along the way…

3 Key Takeaways From This Show

  • Don’t take life too seriously
  • History does tend to repeat itself and the same goes for trading patterns
  • Put the pin back in and hide the grenade

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