Rebel Traders 107 : Mind Your Business

It’s time for a few tales from the Pit and a look at the real mindset of a successful trader…

Long term success in trading has - quite literally - nothing to do with the method or process that you use it’s all about your mindset. So, in this week’s show we dive into the mindset of successful traders interspersed with a few surprising tales from the pit to highlight how weird and wonderful the world of trading can be.

We’ll be talking about everything from literal tin-foil hats, strange routines, and the fine line between eccentric and bat-shit-crazy.

3 Key Takeaways From This Show

  • A strategy or process is only the start. Your Mindset is essential for the long-term success.
  • Managing trades is more important than entry point and timing
  • Trade small, trade frequently, trade with a process

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