Rebel Traders 082 : Time Frame Fandango

Can't see the forest for the trees? Well, maybe it's time to change the perspective a bit - Ready to rock? Let's do it!

One thing we are always talking about is how time-frames can dramatically change your perspective on a stock or even the broad markets. Often times it can present an opportunity that was previously hidden or it can mask a BIG problem you were not aware of.

So, in this weeks show, Sean and Phil dive in a little deeper and give their perspective on the pros and cons of switching time frames when viewing the markets and specific companies charts to see where it can either help you focus or when it adds smoke to the mirrors.

Time Stamped Show Notes

(Click the time stamp to jump directly to that point in the episode.)

3 Key Takeaways From This Show

  • Understand WHY you should be looking at multiple time frames
  • Adapt your strategies for the time-frame you are looking at
  • Don't let time-frames confuse or distract your from your primary strategy and time-frame for trading

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