Rebel Traders 073 : Always Be Prepared to Change Your Mind…

Situations change, environments change, and the winds can blow any which way they choose… Are you able to pivot?

You know, there is one thing I love in the summer and it’s a strange thing. I LOVE the smell in the air before a thunderstorm comes through.

Have you ever noticed that? I am sure you have…

Before the rain begins, one of the first things you may notice as the winds pick up and the clouds roll in is a pungent zing in your nostrils.

That's the share, fresh aroma of Ozone pushed ahead of the clouds.

It’s usually the first sign that something is about to change and if you are aware of that change, you can take actions.

With the markets, though, it’s as if everyone ignores the winds of change and stays in their swimwear ignoring the shift in conditions.

The problem is that it is way too easy to get locked in and married to your trades. Those emotions and rigidity keep you standing still when you should be moving…

So, in this week’s show, we are going to tack a new course when the winds of changes come blowing across your portfolio and show you how to cut through the chop, ride the waves and show you why you should always be prepared to change your mind.

Time Stamped Show Notes

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3 Key Takeaways From This Show

  • Always be prepared to change your mind. PERIOD
  • Trade Smaller, More Often, It allows you to pivot faster
  • Don’t be married to trades, be flexible enough to let it go…

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