"Our Mission Is Simple - Make You A Better & More Successful Trader"

Trade Canyon, inc. was formed with one clear vision by its Founder and CEO, Sean Donahoe, give traders the skills they need to be successful in the markets.

As an established leader in the trading education space, Trade Canyon, Inc. has set the gold standard for trading strategy development and education to give traders the ability to trade like the pros.

"To trade successfully and profitably requires a combination of an adaptive strategy that will withstand market ups and downs and experience. Our aim is to equip our students with the skills and strategies to achieve both." - Sean Donahoe

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What We Do

We provide educational training and professional coaching for retail traders just like you. We want you to have a tactical advantage in the markets and an edge in your portfolio.

To do that we provide a wide range of training, events, and resources for traders who want to learn the smarter way to trade.

You can get started with one of our free on-demand trainings or speak with one of our coaches and discover how we can help you reach your trading goals and get a better understanding of where you are right now and how we can get you where you want to be.

Our History

Trade Canyon, Inc. is a true disruptor in the trading education space and was founded in 2015 by Sean Donahoe, a highly successful entrepreneur and business consultant who has worked with Fortune 500 companies, multi-national corporations and banks all over the world. Sean was dismayed at the lack of viable and quality educational training in the stock market trading space for retail traders and disgusted with the outright shams and shenanigans by so-called experts.

So, he decided to do something about it and formed Trade Canyon, Inc. to redress the balance and put the invaluable skills needed to navigate and thrive in the markets back into the hands of traders.

Sean placed his first trade in late 1999, right before the dot-com bubble burst and quickly realized that after losing his money and rather than following all the pundits and bad advice of others that had misled him, he needed to figure out how the markets worked for himself to make smarter, more strategic trades.

18 years later, Sean is widely recognized and respected as a highly successful and profitable trader who is at the forefront of strategy development and a leader in the trading education space. He has dedicated his time to teaching the invaluable skills and strategies for new and experienced traders alike to trade like the pro's and develop the edge they need to thrive in any market conditions.

Sean and his team of trading veterans have developed, refined and created strategies that traders, just like you, can learn and apply in your trading every day and give you the necessary skills to be a smarter and more efficient trader and ultimately be more successful and profitable with a wide array of training, education, coaching, events and more.

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