Rebel Traders 111 : P.S. I Love You…

Do you worry about the one trade that got away? Here's what to do about it...

Did you miss a trade, a prime opportunity that could have yielded great returns? Did you get frustrated at the returns you could have got but feel like you lost it?

Well, in this week's Rebel Traders podcast, we show you how to not only get over the lost trade but how to actually take advantage of the situation. We'll show you turn "What if's?" into "What's next?". Not only that, but we also get into what's happening right now with the escalation of the trade disputes with China.

3 Key Takeaways From This Show

  • Don't put yesterday's trade on today
  • There are plenty more trades to put on
  • Don't stress about missed big move, but watch the ripples it creates

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