[BONUS] Happening Now Report 47 – China Ore Futures, Iran Deal Breakdown and North Korea

In this week’s Happening Now report Sean and Andrew discuss the breakdown of the Iran deal and what that means for Oil and how China’s opening of Ore Futures puts them further along the path to an global economic shift as they take in more outside money.

The Rebel Traders share what’s pinging the Radar as they look at current economic events that could present investment and trading opportunities as they filter through the noise and give you the edge you need.

This week they are discussing a new move by China to open up their Ore futures markets to outside money and the breakdown of the Iran deal and what that could mean for your portfolio. They also discuss the much hyped “Spat” between Elon Musk and Warren Buffet and break down exactly what a “Moat” is and why it’s not really enough to protect a company...

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