[BONUS] Happening Now Report 39 – VIX, FOMC & WHITE HOUSE TURMOIL

With their finger on the pulse, Sean and Andrew see what is tickling the Rebel Trader radar starting with volatility, FOMC meetings and the high top-level turn over in the White House...

Happening Now Report 39 - VIX, FOMC & WHITE HOUSE TURMOIL" artist="Rebel Traders™ - Happening Now Report 39"]
Well, there’s a lot going on this week as the Rebel Traders, Sean and Andrew discuss what is happening right now in the markets and this week they are looking at how the S&P 500 and Volatility indexes are behaving, the upcoming FOMC meetings, possible trade retaliations for the steel tariffs and the White House shake out of top positions.

It’s all happening here and happening now…

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