[BONUS] Happening Now Report 36 – Speculators, Shale and the Quest for Technicals

Speculators reverse bets on agriculture products, shale production potentially adding volatility to crude oil markets, and recent uncertainty and volatility sends market participants looking for answers in technical analysis.

Happening Now Report 36 – Speculators, Shale and the Quest for Technicals" artist="Rebel Traders™ - Happening Now Report 36"]
Want to know what’s pinging the Rebel Trader Radar in this weeks happening now? Well, in this weeks show we examine the changes in the agricultural sector with extremes of weather wreaking havoc last year and what we are looking at for this years markets. Not only that we dive in to why increased shale production could be contributing to oil volatility now and for the foreseeable future and take a look at the institutional money that is relying more heavily on technical analysis for answers…

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