[BONUS] Happening Now Report 34 – Flash Crash, Interest Rates & Trade Deficits

In this week’s happening now we take a look at the spike in volatility and discuss what is causing this. We also take a look at the ramifications for the markets from the State of the Union and see if AI is killing Japanese banks.

Happening Now Report 34 - Flash Crash, Interest Rates & Trade Deficits" artist="Rebel Traders™ - Happening Now Report 34"]
Well, it's been a hell of a week and we have so much to cover it's insane. However, as always, we are here to break it all down for you without all the noise. We disseminate what happened in the markets, how you can take advantage of this situation and what is likely to happen next. Not only that we are looking at the giant volatility spikes, what the Fed is doing and the increased trade deficit and what it means for you.

Buckle up buttercup, it's going to be a hell of a ride!

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