[BONUS] Happening Now Report 33 – Volatility, SOTU and AI Killing Banks

In this week’s happening now we take a look at the spike in volatility and discuss what is causing this. We also take a look at the ramifications for the markets from the State of the Union and see if AI is killing Japanese banks.

Happening Now Report 33 - Volatility, SOTU and AI Killing Banks" artist="Rebel Traders™ - Happening Now Report 33"]
With the first State of the Union for this administration being broadcast Tuesday, Sean and Andrew discuss what this means for you as a trader and for the economy globally. With recent news regarding the FBI memo, possible damning revelations and anticipation building up to the SOTU we have seen some serious volatility spikes and opportunities for quick hit plays.

We’re also taking a look at one of Sean’s favorite topics, Artificial Intelligence and discuss if AI is actually killing Japan’s banks. So, get ready to rock and let’s see what’s happening now…

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