[BONUS] Happening Now 31 – Govt Shutdowns, Missiles & Downgrades

With our new bonus show, we are bringing you insights from the markets with what’s happening right now. Global events, analysis from the top minds at Trade Canyon who have their finger on the pulse and are ready to help you get the edge of a Rebel Trader.

With the first week of the new year behind us and the skyrocketing economy creating an atmosphere of exuberance Sean and Andrew look at what is happening now and discuss the format changes they are going to make to this bonus show.

Not only that, they are diving in to the Brent and WTI increases over the last 18 months as well as Gold, Copper. Not only that they are looking at the after shocks of the Caribbean earthquakes and the risk of aftershocks and tsunamis in an area already devastated in 2017 from hurricanes.

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